7. Condition assessment of historical wood structures






Delamination in wood products and wood based composites - the state of the art - by Voichita Bucur

Design Property Assessment of Single Members in Existing Structures - NDE Challenge by Donald A DeVisser, William L Galligan

Stress waves tomography for the analysis of structural timber: limits, applications, possible combinations with other analysis techniques by Mariapaola Riggio, Maurizio Piazza

Use of Nondestructive Testing and Computer Aided Design (CAD) for the evaluation of wood condition in a replica of the Spanish ship “Nao Victoria” by Calderón Guerrero, C.; Saiz de Omeñaca González, J.A.

Damage detection of wood beams using the differences of the local modal flexibility by Hu Chuanshuang, Wen Wei, Zhou Haibin, Yun Hong

Non destructive evaluation of strength of decayed wood members in two historic constructions located in Gomishan (North of Iran) by Mehrab Madhoushi